Proterty Inspections

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Property Inspections

Inspections are performed by fully trained personnel at competitive rates.


Inspections include


  • Photo documentation
  • Occupant interview and incident history
  • Visual inspection of the affected areas of the property
  • Moisture content of plumbing walls and other suspect areas
  • Recommend a scope of inspection and sample collection
  • Collect samples, as required
  • Prepare a written report, including results, conclusions, and recommendations


Types of Samples

    • Air samples
    • – for assessing occupant exposures


        – detecting affected areas even when visible mold is not present


    • Airborne particles
    • – may indicate areas of elevated dust and/or allergens


    • Surface swabs
    • – identify type of visible mold (Aspergillus, Stachybotrys, etc.)


        – surface contaminants may represent a historical record of contamination


        – testing the air return and air supply ducts for contamination


    • Carpet dust
    • – identify type of visible mold (Aspergillus, Stachybotrys, etc.)


        – recommend cleaning or replacement


    • Microvac samples
    • – detect contamination in soft surfaces such as furniture or clothing


    • Wall cavity
    • – detect areas of hidden mold for remediation (inside walls, under cabinets, etc.)