Dr. Spurgeon specializes in two areas: (1) microbial IAQ investigations (mold, allergens, Legionalla) in hospitals, commercial, and residential properties; and (2) contaminants from wildfire smoke.

Joe Spurgeon, Ph.D.,

Certified Industrial Hygienist (1993-2012)


Dual Doctorate: Air Pollution Fellow, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA

  • Environmental Health, Graduate School of Public Health
  • Analytical Chemistry, Graduate School of Chemistry

Areas of Expertise

Mold, sewage, allergens and Legionella in the indoor environment

  • Residential and commercial properties
  • Hospitals and healthcare facilities

Wildfire smoke and contaminants

  • Soot, char, and irritant chemicals

Chemical exposures

  • Airborne and surface contaminants


Expert Witness and/or Consultant

    • Over 80 depositions and 20 trials
    • Data analysis and interpretation
    • Review of case documents and opinions
    • Literature searches

Field Investigations

  • Performed more than 2,000 field investigations
  • Remediation protocols

Resume [CV] — See Experience

Field Investigations

Microbial Investigations


  • Contents, US Air Flight 1549 [“Miracle on the Hudson”]
  • 40-story office tower, New Orleans, LA (Hurricane Katrina)
  • 13-story hotel, Anaheim, CA
  • US DOT headquarters building, Washington, DC
  • NOAA office towers, Silver Springs, MD
  • US EPA laboratory facility, Golden, CO
  • DHHS/SSA process center, Richmond, CA (Legionella)
  • 200-unit condominium complex, Santa Ana, CA
  • Apartment and houses, Houston, TX
  • Condominium, Snow Mass, CO
  • Condominium, San Francisco, CA
  • Gerald Ford residence, Fairfax, VA
  • Erin Brokovich residence, Agoura Hills, CA
  • Frank Lloyd Wright house, Virginia Beach, VA


Wild Fire Smoke

  • Residential properties, Austin, TX
  • Senior Scientist, Combustion Toxicology Laboratory, FAA


Hostpitals and health care facilities

  • Mold remediation projects
  • HVAC replacement project
  • Incident responses
  • Baseline sampling
  • Water quality surveys


Chemical Contaminants

  • Health Assessments, hazardous waste sites
  • Chemical laboratories, air and surface contaminants
  • Toxic gases from burning man-made materials
  • Formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, etc. in the indoor air


Expert Witness

Spurgeon CV Record of Trials and Depositions

  • Bayshore Environmental, Technical Consultant and Expert Witness
  • US Public Health Service, Consultant: IAQ investigations; Laboratory Exposure Assessment Project
  • US EPA, Environmental Scientist: Manager: Residential Initiative on Indoor Air Quality
  • CDC/ATSDR, Environmental Health Scientist: Health Assessments & Consultations
  • Social Security Administration, Senior Industrial Hygienist
  • Federal Aviation Administration, Senior Research Chemist: Director, Combustion Toxicology Laboratory
  • National Institutes of Science & Technology, Research Chemist: Lead Paint Poisoning Program
  • Bayshore Environmental Laboratory, Inc., Owner: Asbestos laboratory and consultant
  • Baywind Associates, Inc., Owner: Class A general contractor and residential builder